Mika Aoki - Her Songs are Floating (2008), glass sculpture, abandoned car

Artist’s description: 

“In the midst of pitch-dark space, an old car, shining by blue light, is to be seen dimly as if it is floating in the air. On the windshield, rearview mirrors, on the hood, in scratches on the body which are rust-eaten and turned up, and everywhere, forms like spores or fungi are growing and propagating. Creatures like transparent worms are creeping in a row. From the surface of the roof to the air above it, plants are growing, and their roots are spreading downward from the ceiling of the car. When you sit on the rear seat, you feel as if you and the car are sunk at the bottom of the sea.

Transparent creatures shone by the moon light glitter calmly.

Various feelings, memories, time that dwell within dying things grow quietly and start sprinkling invisible spores. The activity encircles the whole space, as if the girl who used to own this car is still singing there. Transparen lives that accept everything, repeatedly join and split inside of their bodies, and absorb space and grow.”